Why is it important to Include Selling Skills Training in Sales Readiness

Are you ready to put your budget where your word is and set your sales reps up for success? Then it’s time to embrace all of the benefits that sales readiness has to offer! A well-balanced blend of rep assessment, sales management training, and coaching is required for sales preparedness. This effective combination equips salespeople with the skills and knowledge they need to have productive conversations with prospects and complete more deals.


While covering and including product and process training is critical for sales readiness platform , the greatest sales readiness programmes also incorporate sales coaching and training that develop and sharpen crucial selling abilities. Let’s explore that.


For instance, according to Gartner, CSOs expect 58% of the sales force to remain operating virtually by the end of 2021 as against 24% pre-pandemic. Furthermore, more than a third of CSOs are permanently converting part or all of their field salespeople to virtual sales, and another third is considering it. Unfortunately, Gartner Research also shows that 57% of CSOs feel their sales teams are underprepared or only partially prepared to deliver the same level of value in virtual versus in-person engagements. This implies that organizations need a significant shift in structuring their sales-readiness initiatives.


Why Sales Skills Are Important for Generating Revenue?

Do you ever wonder why start-ups prioritise hiring salespeople over anything else? That’s because they understand that if they don’t initially establish a strong sales team, they won’t be able to close transactions and recruit clients, and they don’t make any money if they don’t complete deals. To avoid this situation, sales teams must concentrate on providing reps with the ever-important selling abilities. These include abilities such as:


    • Communication Skills – For any business or career, communication skill is the most significant factor. Reps need to understand the right approach to communicate with prospects and other sales reps.
    • Right ways to pose a question – When reps meet with prospects, they must ask the right questions to accurately understand their requirements and uncover their most pressing issues to offer the best solution successfully.
    • Negotiation Skills – Negotiating is a cornerstone of every job, whether with clients, vendors, suppliers, or even coworkers. Listening skills, evaluating variables, identifying important drivers, overcoming objections, and finding ways to reach an agreement without burning bridges are all skills that sales people must develop.
    • Self-Discipline – Sales reps must link performance and rewards. This means they’ll require self-control to manage their time and duties so they can focus on the correct tasks at the right time.
    • The right approach to close the deals – Great salespeople know how to close so do great bosses. Reps need to know how to properly send contracts, pull in other teammates and follow up with prospects to get the contract signed correctly. 
  • Support experiential learning – Reading or watching demo videos will not provide reps with all the required information. Experiential learning, or learning via experience, is required for some of the most important skills. This is because not all forms of education are created equal. According to the study, when we listen to a lecture, we only recall about 5% of the material. Even when using audio-visual aids and live demonstrations, retention seldom exceeds 30%. When we learn by doing, though, we retain an astonishing 75% of what we learn. 4 This significant difference arises from the learner’s increased level of reflection and cognitive processing due to active engagement.

Close the Skill Gap Faster with Sales Training the Right Tools


Because sales reps need to be trained on the skills we just discussed (plus a lot more) as well as your company’s products and services, it’s critical to create a comprehensive sales preparedness programme that’s organized, trackable, and scalable. This is where sales readiness tools and online training come in handy.


Sales readiness software provides salespeople with a solid platform to study, practise, and build the skills they need to succeed in their jobs. First, online sales training tools aid sales leaders in reducing new sales reps’ time-to-competency through on-the-job onboarding. It also allows sales leaders and trainers to evaluate the skill levels of more experienced reps to ensure that they are where they should be.


Remote sales teams are likely to experience issues in terms of motivation and inventiveness due to the lack of an immersive office atmosphere. Gamifying sales preparedness via strategies like badges, challenges, and leaderboards enables sales reps to engage more enthusiastically in sales training and other activities by appealing to their natural competitive nature.


Trainers and managers can conduct tailored online training that addresses individual representatives’ skill gaps by assessing skill levels. Reps can get on-demand training, practise skills with fun scenarios, and get continual coaching and feedback from their managers. Overall, sales training software allows sales teams of all sizes to streamline and scale individualized training so that reps are confident in the abilities they need to communicate with prospects throughout the sales process.


Sales organizations can’t wait for random in-person sales training events to update reps’ knowledge and optimize sales abilities in today’s digital-first era. Sales readiness cannot be put off until the next quarter or year, and it needs to start today and become a key competency of every sales organization. Organizations must update their sales playbook for multichannel selling, tailor sales training for different personas, make learning more contextual, support experiential learning, and leverage AI to deliver analytics at scale to carry out an effective sales readiness programme.


Ready, Set, Sell with Mindtickle’s Sales Readiness Software

Due to numerous technical advancements, there are zero justifications for not using software to improve anything from sales training to readiness. Sales readiness software from Mindtickl’e helps teams onboard new reps 62% faster and increase sales by 75%. Join in for a demo and get started right away.

Mindtickle, a modern sales readiness platform, allows creating and distributing video demos and role-plays easier than ever before. Sales organisations can begin by creating short, context-specific examples of the critical skills needed in cold calling, elevator pitches, objection handling, and so on; then, have reps record and share their own practise pitches to receive coaching on how to improve those skills before interacting with customers.

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