Why do you Think Background Checking is Important?

It’s a big investment of the company to hire a new employee with the hope of the company’s growth. The hiring managers must ensure that they should select the right candidate from dozens of applicants, and that’s where background verification comes into the role. 

But when the job seeker is claiming the facts on their resume then what’s the role of background verification companies, and how they can help in finding the right candidate?

What is meant by Background Check?

An employee background check is a process of appraising the candidate’s history, financial records, criminal records, education, and some other activities of the person to ensure authenticity. 

Most companies do background verification of employees during the hiring process. It ensures that the company is hiring candidates that they can trust. 

Are Background Checks Necessary – Top 5 Reasons 

According to a survey, around 98% of businesses perform background checks after the candidates got caught claiming false obligation during the interview, especially in India. 

So, the need for employee background verification India is becoming important due to some of these reasons.

  1. Safe Company Assets – One of the top reasons for an employee background check is to ensure the safety of the company. The bad reputation of a person can spoil the company’s image in the market or can even steal the data of the company.

Taking the example of ‘Tata Motors’ who use to invest their time & money in background checks helps to safeguard the assets by assuring the right candidate on which the company can trust and maintain the reputation. 

  1. Prevent Potential Risks – Any type of potential or emerging risks like data-stealing which is common can be avoided by employee background verification. Also, companies need to have a large of sensitive customer data. It can be accessible to only some of the employees of the company and not to everyone. To avoid any type of issues from these employees, a background check is crucial for it. Many companies in India, rejected the employees for the reason of unavailability of documents that are needed during the verification.
  2. Enhance Productivity – A deep background check helps in ascertaining the performance of the employee in the last company that helps to get the honest & trustworthy candidate. It becomes crucial when the company has positions for a higher level where the company wants from their potential candidates a leadership quality, strong emotional intelligence, good performance. 

A company’s work process, quality of service, customer relationships, and growth of the company are some of those areas that can be jeopardized due to a bad hire. 

  1. Provide Safety & Security – Employees are the valuable assets of the company and must gel with the company’s culture. Employee background check becomes important to know whether there is no criminal record or the employee should not be included in any drug abuse. 

Stringent screening helps in identifying the potential threats and protects the organization from any type of discriminatory behavior. 

  1. Growing Trend – It may be surprisingly true but, 95% of companies perform at least 1 type of background screening during the hiring process including the new startup also. It’s becoming the growing trend in the market where companies follow the protocols and latest trends while selecting new employees. 

More than that, it helps the companies to get a perfect fit for the position rather than the one with false claims. 

How is Employee Background Check Done?

The hiring manager starts with a basic interview to background checks of the employees demanding the documents like date of birth, address proof, academic records, and previous company employee check. However, it’s a time taking process and can sometimes create legal issues. 

You can rely on some of the background verification companies, and Repute is one of those. These companies handle the process in a very professional manner that helps the hiring manager to perform other job tasks freely. 

Types of Background Investigation 

The information needed for the investigation of employees depends upon the type and the nature of responsibilities. 

A fresher doesn’t need to be verified much and undergo far less screening than the one who is experienced and applying for the higher positions. 

Here are those background checks that are necessary to be included during employee investigations. 

  • Academic verifications – In this verification type, the companies want to verify the academic check to know the highest level of education of the employee. 
  • Employment verification – This check is performed to confirm the prior’s work experience of the candidate. It generally needs some of the documents from the previous company like offer letter, salary slips, roles & duties, and experience letter.  
  • Reference check – Employers are likely to ask references from the candidate to check anything that they were told during the interview. 
  • Identity verification – This check is to make sure whether the employee is not using any stolen identity. In this, the companies want some documents like address proof, Adhar card, license or passport, etc. 
  • Criminal record check – Not very common the companies must conduct criminal verification to confirm if the employees are not included in any criminal activity. 
  • Drug screening – The aviation & health care industries require drug testing to ascertain the candidate does not consume any drug substance. 


Employee background is becoming essential for the reputed and even for the new startups. The background checks help give a clear picture of the candidate while also helping to build and maintain the reputation of the company. 

So, make sure the next time you hire the candidate after doing proper verification of the employees. For this, you can go with some of the best Employee background verification India like Repute, which lets you to know everything you want to in a very professional manner. 


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