Top 7 IT Consulting Firms in Dallas

Bringing the business online is a great decision, whether a startup or an already existing business, but things get difficult while moving to digital transformation. Implementing the digital transformation is a difficulty any company faces, and for that hiring, IT consulting firms will be beneficial for your company. IT consulting companies help in building a roadmap for the company and also look around the implementation of the technologies, including artificial intelligence(AI), machine learning(ML), and Robotic process automation (RPA). Technical information could be a major component that IT consulting firms bring to the table. IT counseling companies guarantee you’ve got the proper assets to handle the issue. They create a basic understanding of the issue and give counsel based on long encounters. Here we are listing down the best IT consulting companies in New York City(NYC)  or Dallas that are providing great solutions around the globe.


On top of the list, I am keeping RisingMax for a reason. The company provides solutions worldwide for every slab of business, whether small businesses, startups, or big industries. The company has 400+ employees with expert developers, project managers, programmers, and ace professionals to handle each project. They have a retention rate of 75%, which proves that it provides excellent service to their clients. They have a perfect blend of experience developers and programmers as well as dedicated youth who starve to give their best and are tech-savvy. More of the success story comes from the client’s reviews. We didn’t find anything negative while going through their client’s reviews on the internet. From the source of the reviews, we also got to know that the post-launch service of the company is highly appreciable. I am keeping the company as the best It Consultant in New York in the US.

Suffescom Solutions

Taking the lead in the full-fledge after RisingMax is Suffescom Solutions is the best IT consulting firm. First, let’s take up the tour of what Suffescom provides to the companies; they provide web solutions, web app development, mobile application development, and blockchain app development. It is also one of the leading companies in NFT development & cryptocurrency development. The company has human resources of more than 500+ developers, programmers, and teams with excellent youth minds. Apart from being the best IT consulting firm in the US, they also have a great presence in the UK & the third-largest growing country India. The retention rate of the clients is somewhere around 70-75%, which means they are not so far behind RisingMax. Although being a large industry, they keep their critical eyes on each project, whether it’s a small business project or a large project. The excellent services towards the project make them stand o the 2nd position as the best IT consulting firm.

Kanda Software

Kanda software stands third in the list for providing solutions to clients worldwide. While looking at the services they provide and their reviews by the clients, I am keeping them in the third position. They provide various services, including customized software development, prototyping, cloud migration, business intelligence solutions, application security, digital transformation of the business, ML & AI services, QA & testing of the software, etc. The company has been providing solutions to its clients since 1993, and its services have led to its continuous growth. The company has more than 700+ employees, which includes professional developers excellent team management, and the company is also ace in providing after-launching service. The team of youth and tech-savvy developers are making the way out of the challenges and keeping the benchmark high. The experienced developers and programmers take their tasks professionally and supply everything on time. The records have already provided a solution to the 3000+ company projects in these 25 years.

Metric Theory

Metric theory deserves to be on the list for providing IT solutions and consulting other businesses for digital transformation. The company settled in San Francisco is providing solutions to multiple clients around the globe. The company provides solutions for every business size, whether it’s a small size business or big bull of the industry, either B2B industry or B2C industries. They have been showing tremendous efforts to provide them solutions since 2012. The workforce comprises more than 200+ employees; who are putting their best into technology. Metric Theory has a great team of professionals and qualified & talented youths.


Exelegent is setting up a new benchmark for other companies by utilizing their advanced technology and team efforts. The list of administrations given by Exelegent is endless, and typically why industry leaders consider it as one of the foremost proficient IT counseling firms in NYC. The administrations incorporate data administration, cybersecurity assessment, overseen security services, healthcare automation, proficient administrations, Windows virtual desktop, digital workplace, compliance review, and more. The dedicated employees of more than 200+ are putting their best for the clients. The company accomplices with huge big bulls like Microsoft, RingCentral, AWS, Sophos, Mimecast, Cisco, Vonage, and to supply the leading administrations to the clients. It has been an 8-time Microsoft Gold Accomplice and creates arrangements to bring enterprise-level security to the clients.

International Integrated Solutions

International Integrated Solutions, established in 1990, is one the earliest companies in the 90s. The company’s visualization was far away from the time, which is why it is countable in one of the best IT is consulting firms; its administration’s suite incorporates information center modernization, consulting has overseen administrations, AI/ML analytics, and more. The company’s leading portion is that it coordinates the smartest set of innovations to create the most excellent arrangements for the clients at all times. IIS also won multiple awards in the same sector for excellent work.

Wrapping Up

Get the opportunity to use developments by choosing a cost-effective arrangement to reinforce your IT framework. I trust this list of IT consulting companies in New York has given you good bits of knowledge on which IT consulting companies in dallas you’ll depend on. Enlisting the finest IT counseling firm can spare your time cash and improve efficiency.

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