Introduction to .NET along with a few best questions for the Interview 2022

.Net framework has been developed by Microsoft which provides an environment to run, fix and organize code onto applications and web services by using several different tools and functionalities such as classes, libraries, APIs etc. It is an object-oriented programming framework where you can use different languages like Cobol, C#, VB, Perl, F# etc. to write the .NET Framework applications. NET Framework is supporting services for the desktop, websites and Windows as well.

.NET is getting popular day by day in the development market. As it is modern and smartly designed to build modern software applications, so it takes advantage of modern capabilities and allows developers to create web applications easily. So, we can understand that the demand of the developer and .Net developer salary will always be high.

Here we are presenting some most frequently asked .Net 4.5 framework and .Net inteview questions and answers in the interview session:

What is .NET?

.Net is a framework that is a development framework just like J2EE software which offers runtime capability and a rich set of pre-built functionality in the form of class library and APIs. It is also an environment to set up, organize and run web services as well as other applications.

What are the three main parts of .NET?

  • Common Language Runtime
  • Framework Classes
  • Application Domain
  • Profiling
  • Common Type System
  • .NET Class Library

How many languages are currently supported by .NET?

While .NET has been introduced; it was supporting many languages such as C#, VB.NET, Cobol, Perl etc. But now at the present time, it is supporting all over total of 44 languages.

What is CTS?

CTS or Common Type of System follows a few rules according to which a data type needs to be declared and used in the program code. CTS also explain the data types that can easily be used in the application.

What is CLR?

CLR which is also known as Common Language Run-time is an essential component of the .NET framework. We can use CLR as a building block of different applications and deliver secure execution surroundings for applications. When any application written in C# is compiled, the code will then convert into an intermediate language. After that, the code will be targeted to CLR which will again perform different operations like security checks, memory management, thread management and loading assemblies.

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What do you mean by EXE and DLL?

EXE means Assembly executable file which runs the application for which it has been designed. EXE is mainly produced while building any application. So, the assemblies are loaded directly at the runtime of EXE. It should always keep in mind that an EXE cannot be shared with other applications.

DLL means Dynamic Link Library that is a library consisting of code which needs to be hidden. The code is mainly encapsulated inside the library. An application can consist of many DLLs that can also be shared with other applications and programs.

What is JIT?

JIT means Just in Time compiler that converts the intermediate code into the native language. During the execution, the intermediate code is converted into the native language. The intermediate code is transformed into the native language during the time of the execution.

What do you understand by .NET Framework?

.NET Framework 4.5 is a highly well-suited and updated version of .NET Framework 4. It is mainly including significant language as well as framework enhancements for Visual Basic, C#, F# to write asynchronous code easily.

Why do we need the updated version of .NET Framework 4.5?

.NET Framework 4.5 supplies extensive developments to other working areas like Windows Communication Foundation, ASP.NET, Managed Extensibility Framework, Windows Identity Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation. Overall we can say that .NET Framework 4.5 delivers better reliability, performance and security as well.

What is the hardware requirement to install .NET Framework 4.5 in your system?

.NET Framework 4.5 needs administrator privileges for installation.

  • 1G Z Processor
  • 4.5 GB of Minimum Disk space
  • 512 MB RAM

Is .NET Framework 4.5 backward compatibility?

Dot Net Framework 4.5 and later versions are backwards compatible with apps which were built with the earlier versions of the .NET Framework. In fact, in other words, components and apps that have been built with previous versions can work without modification on the .NET framework 4.5 and later versions as well.

Can we store Windows Store Apps by using .NET Framework 4.5?

Yes, there is a subset of managed types available with .NET Framework 4.5 so that you can develop Windows Store apps with the help of the language C# or Visual Basic. These managed types exist in namespaces starts with system and Windows Runtime types reside in namespaces which starts with Windows together make a framework for the development of Windows Store Apps.

The above are the basic 12 Interview questions and answers for .NET framework and .Net framework 4.5.

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