With time, demand for seafarers is increasing at a rapid pace. To meet this demand, it became necessary for the shipping industry to hire more offices on their deck. But how to train a person to become a professional and expert seafarer? DNS is the answer to this question. DNS’s main goal is to efficiently train upcoming seafarers in order to supply the shipping industry with highly qualified officers. But everything has its difficulties, so there are several difficulties that were faced while pursuing DNS. Earlier, people used to find difficulty in getting a secure job after completing their course of DNS. The country’s government was capable of providing proper training to the individual, but it was not capable of allocating a good job to each individual who persuade DNS. In order to deal with this complex problem, the government came up with a plan of sponsorship. To take it another way, the government has made a protocol that states that before pursuing DNS, it is mandatory to get the sponsorship of any organization. If you are thinking of taking merchant navy dns sponsorship, then you have the right idea.

A diploma in nautical science

Going to the depths of nautical science is the dream of all the aspirants who think of themselves as future officers of the shipping industry. An aspirant can go for the diploma course in nautical science, which is a training program of 1 year. In this one year, the aspirant will be taught all the efficient techniques, ethics, professionalism, and many more. The entire course will be divided into two semesters, but after the course, the trained individual will need to go for sea training for at least 18 months, and a good amount of stipend will be provided to them. It is a very good opportunity for individuals who dream of getting a job in the shipping industry because, with this course, all the detailed knowledge will be provided to the individual to enhance their love for their dream job. After the 18-month program, the individual will be provided with a certificate of completion, which they can use to pursue their academic career.

Acquiring the certificate of SSTP completion is very important for the individual who has completed their training program of 18 months. Taking an STCW course is also essential to obtain the license.

What are the eligibility criteria for pursuing a diploma in nautical science?

  • Those interested in taking this course must be between the ages of 17 and 25. But if an individual belongs to a scheduled caste or scheduled tribe, then they can get consideration for at least 4 to 5 years. Any woman who is going to appear for this course will get a relaxation of 1 to 2 years.
  • In order to pursue an academic career in DNA, the individual must have at least a 60% grade point average in PCM at the 10+2 level. The person who has graduated from a reputed university in physics, mathematics, or electronics can go for this diploma program only if he or she has secured 50% grades.
  • Because English is a priority in this diploma program, a person must obtain at least 60% in English in their 10 + 2 level and even in their class 10th exam. There is no consideration made for the schedule caste of the schedule tribe in this scenario.
  • It is critical for the candidate to be physically fit and have good eyesight in order to pursue this course. A person with night blindness or color blindness is not eligible to pursue this course.

What is the idea behind sponsorship?

Sponsorship is a secure program in which the shipping company has already assigned you a future job that you can attend after completing your entire program at DNS. This means that you do not have to worry or get tense about the security of your job offer because you are being sponsored by a company. On the other hand, you are getting a good placement in this case, which usually happens after the undergraduate course in all other cases. From the moment you are sponsored by a company, you are very sure about your job from the first day you step into your college.

How to apply for the sponsorship program?

Many companies and colleges give out forms of sponsorship before the IMCUET exam is conducted. Hence, one must be very precise and need to keep a keen eye on the forms that are being published by the company because they are published at different times. To participate in the sponsorship an individual needs to pass the online test, he or she must then go through the psychometric test. After the test, the person will go through the interview round, where he or she will be asked different kinds of questions. The person will go through the medical test if he or she has completed all the testing rounds successfully.

What is the importance of sponsorship?

Before asking for the training program, it is very essential to get a secure future by securing a job after the training program ends. It is important to keep in mind that, as per the rules of the government of the country, it is essential to go for the sponsorship before going to the course of DNS. During the time of admission, the college may ask you for all the essential documents and details that are related to the sponsorship program, and if you fail to show them the necessary documents, your admission may be declined.


If you want a flourishing career, then you should start searching for sponsorship for dns course from day one. Everyone desires to have a good career, but in order to have a good career, it is important that you have an intense amount of knowledge that will be required to perform your job. Good knowledge can be provided by a good college during the training program. Hence, it is essential for an aspirant to search for good colleges that provide diploma courses in nautical science. It is also important to check the background of the shipping company before accepting sponsorship from it.


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