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We are providing Services such as AC Repair in Ranchi, AC Service in Ranchi, Window AC Repair in Ranchi, Split AC Repair in Ranchi, Window AC Service in Ranchi, Split AC Service in Ranchi, Refrigerator Repair in Ranchi, Double Door Refrigerator in Ranchi, Deep freezer Repair in Ranchi at your doorstep. We ensure Best and Quality ac repair service near me at a very affordable price in minimum time.

AC Repair Service in Ranchi

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AC Spare Parts & Services In Ranchi
S.No. Spare/Service Price*
01 Window AC Pressure Pump Servicing 399 INR
02 Window AC Installation 599 INR
03 Window AC Un-Installation 449 INR
04 Split AC Pressure Pump Servicing 499 INR
05 Split AC Installation 1499 INR
06 Split AC Un-Installation 699 INR
07 AC Gas Charging R22 2499 INR
08 AC Gas Charging R32 2899 INR
09 AC Gas Charging R410A 3599 INR
10 Compressor 1 Ton 8999 INR
11 Compressor 1.5 Ton 10999 INR
12 Compressor 2 Ton 12999 INR
13 Copper Condenser Coil 1 Ton 2899 INR
14 Copper Condenser Coil 1.5 Ton 3499 INR
15 Copper Condenser Coil 2 Ton 3899 INR
16 Fan Motor Outdoor 1699 INR
17 Split AC Wall Stand 399 INR
18 Universal Remote 449 INR
19 1 Ft Copper Pipe Set 220 INR
20 Copper Cooling Coil 3899 INR
21 AC Fan Blade 449 INR
22 Blower Replaced 1299 INR
Visiting Charge @ 149 ₹
*18% GST Extra

AC Service Center In Ranchi is one of the essential appliances, not a luxury thing available in our home in this modern era. Degrees of temperature are increasing every year in Ranchi, so for the persons particularly living in the urban areas of Ranchi, AC is compulsory for hassle free life. In summers our cities especially in industrial area becomes really hot, due to excess heat generated by various types of factories. Now hundreds of brands are involved in production of air conditioning installation near me in market, which are continuous working to make better cooling and take it to next level by doing daily new innovations. Air Conditioners are high price electric appliance and to do its maximum utilization it should be always in best condition. It’s just like nightmare when split ac installation near me is not cooling properly. Our aim is you keep you cool and calm even in the hot and itchy summers in the country. We are expert in AC Service In Ranchi, ac repair service near me, Window AC Repair In Ranchi, Split AC repair in Ranchi, Window AC service in Ranchi, Split AC service in Ranchi, Window AC Installation In Ranchi, Split AC installation in Ranchi at your doorstep.

Split AC Indoor Re-installation Price

Split AC Capacity Split AC Indoor Reinstallation Charges
For 1.0 Ton Split AC Rs. 549/-
For 1.5 Ton Split AC Rs. 549/-
For 2.0 Ton Split AC Rs. 549/-

Some Common Fault in Air Conditioner

Every home appliance comes with its service life and after that particular time its working performance goes low. AC's efficiency may be deteriorate due to wear and tear or not properly maintained & Service by expert Technician. So air conditioner maintenance near me of AC or ac mechanic near me is essential for AC filter cleaning, changing unserviceable AC spare parts, filling up the gas, etc. depending on the requirement. All technical issues can be handled by the experts team of Nascent India but as users, it is always suggested that you must be aware of the common ac servicing near me fault and why it happens. Some of the most common best ac repair near me faults are listed below.

• AC not cooling

One of the most common reasons that your AC is not blowing cold air may be due to dirty air filter which block air flow. Other factors like Gas shortage or other electrical issues are not so common. Normal running AC should operate properly providing cooling effect as per standard parameters. If there is any problem in the cooling fan or the cooling effect of the air conditioner then it is best to ac repair and service near me by expert technician and fails to do so may result in severe damage of ac fix near me or even some major electrical short circuit in appliance. Our technicians will repair when your AC not cooling in Ranchi.

• AC foul smell

When you experience foul smell emitting from your Air Conditioner please immediately call us or book service online. The smell can be a result of various things ranging from clogged dirt and mold on the evaporator coil to gas leakage in the compressor. Neglecting this can lead to a major mishap like an explosion of the AC or gas leakage.

• AC water leakage

Water leakage is a minor issue, this problem faced by every AC owner at least once in their life. Water spillage from the indoor AC unit needs a quick fix. This condition occurs because of the clogged condensation drainpipe. The drain line may get clogged due to dust, dirt, mold, etc. because of its contact with moisture. It is necessary to get this fixed at the earliest to avoid any major concerns ranging from short circuits due to gathering on the wall around the air conditioner repair service near me. We are expert in AC Water leakage repair in Ranchi.

• Sound from the AC unit

When your Air Conditioner unit is making some high-pitched squealing noise, the issue is usually due to belt connecting the motor to the blower has slipped or the bearings on your condenser fan’s motor. Most newer split ac repair near me don’t use this belt system, so if your unit is older, that is likely the problem. If this is the case, you’ll hear the sound from both sides, inside & outside of your home. Newer units uses direct drive motors without belts, which pull air on the condenser coils in your compressor. If this is your ac repair near me, you may hear squealing or grinding from your outdoor unit, which indicates that the motor needs to be replaced. We are expert in all types and brands for ac servicing near me.

• AC not switching ON

There are number of reasons why your ac compressor repair near me is not turning on. Normally when the outdoor unit doesn’t turn on, it is because of the circuit breaker has been tripped. When it happens, you can easily reset it after locating the circuit breaker panel. If you find that the ac repair near me still does not work, the next possible cause may be thermostat. You need to give us a missed or book online by submitting your details.

Split AC Outdoors Re-Installation Price

Split AC Capacity Split AC Outdoors Reinstallation Charges
For 1.0 Ton Split AC Rs. 549/-
For 1.5 Ton Split AC Rs. 549/-
For 2.0 Ton Split AC Rs. 549/-

AC Service in Ranchi

We are delivering all our AC Service In Ranchi from jet pressure pump for best results. We do Cleaning of indoor and outside units, Condenser cleaning of both Indoor & outdoor units, Cleaning of evaporator and valves, Checking of temperature controls of Isolators and remote, Check cooling level, Checking of the coil temperature, Cleaning of condensation line, Inspection of electrical connections, Vibration level check etc. We are expert in ac service and repair near me of all brands and you can search us for ac mechanic near me, AC Service near me, AC Service in Ranchi.

AC Installation in Ranchi

Window AC Installation Charges

Window AC Capacity Window AC Installation Price
For 1.0 Ton Window AC Rs. 649/-
For 1.5 Ton Window AC Rs. 649/-
For 2.0 Ton Window AC Rs. 649/-

We suggest that it is the best way that AC should be installed before the summers arrives, to avoid any hassles and have a great cooling in summers. You can book a cooling repair near me for the ac installation near me by giving a missed call or book online by submitting your details. However, when you book a air conditioner servicing near me, you need to tell us about the type of AC (split or window). Based on type we would specify the charges of AC Installation In Ranchi. We are providing split ac servicing near me for AC Installation in Ranchi, AC Installation Near Me.

Split AC Installation Charges

Split AC Capacity Split AC Installation Price
For 1.0 Ton Split AC Rs. 1499/-
For 1.5 Ton Split AC Rs. 1499/-
For 2.0 Ton Split AC Rs. 1499/-

AC Gas Refilling in Ranchi

Split AC Gas Filling Charges in Ranchi

Cooling Capacity AC Type Cost
For 1.0 Ton Split AC Rs. 1799/-
For 1.5 Ton Split AC Rs. 1999/-
For 2.0 Ton Split AC Rs. 2299/-

Lack of gas is very common reason for near me ac repair not cooling properly. AC Gas Filling In Ranchi is the main element for any Air Conditioner system to work. It is circulated through the coil and cools the air which is flowing over the coils which results that cool air comes out from AC continuously. So when level of gas is insufficient, AC stops cooling properly. You can contact us for any hvac companies near me such as ac gas refilling near me, AC Gas Refilling in Ranchi.

AC Gas Refill Or Top Up | Air Conditioner Gas Filling Charges

Cooling Capacity AC Type Cost
For 1.0 Ton Window AC Rs. 1599/-
For 1.5 Ton Window AC Rs. 1799/-
For 2.0 Ton Window AC Rs. 1999/-

AC Repair in Ranchi

Our technicians are expert in dealing with AC Repair In Ranchi service for different issues like Gas filling, PCB not working, Remote control not working, AC not switching ON, Abnormal sound, Foul smell, air conditioner mechanic near me blowing hot air, Less cooling or no cooling, Filter cleaning, Water leakage, Replacing sensor etc. We are expert in all air conditioner repair near me of all brands in Ranchi such as AC Repair Near Me, AC Repair in Ranchi, ac repair nearby, split ac mechanic near me, ac repair mechanic near me, home ac mechanic near me, ac repair in near me, nearest ac mechanic, ac companies near me, home ac repair near me.

Tower AC Gas Filling Charges in Ranchi

Cooling Capacity AC Type Cost
For 1.0 Ton Tower AC Rs. 1899/-
For 1.5 Ton Tower AC Rs. 2199/-
For 2.0 Ton Tower AC Rs. 2399/-

We are providing AC Repair & Service for all brands and customers are searching us for AC Service Center Near Me, AC Service Center in Ranchi.

AC Service Charges In Ranchi

AC Service Charges In Ranchi Price Of Air Conditioner Service
Service Charges Window AC Split AC
AC Service Charges For 1.0 Ton ₹ 499/- ₹ 549/-
AC Service Charges For 1.5 Ton ₹ 499/- ₹ 599/-
AC Service Charges For 2.0 Ton ₹ 499/- ₹ 649/-

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Work Assurance

All work done by our professional comes with 15 days work guarantee. If any problem exists, Feel free to tell us we will fix it free of cost.

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Genuine Parts

Our trained professional will replace unserviceable parts with 100% genuine spare parts of all trusted brands.

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Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate motto. Our ac technician near me are highly trained professional with good behavior & working knowledge.


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